Thursday, December 24, 2009

Goodbye Peak!

Last day of peak for FedEx! Hooray! This has been a VERY stressful week for me. Everyone asks me if I am miserable yet, and the truth is I am not physically miserable. However, I am emotionally drained. It is amazing to me how much pregnancy (along with life) can make things harder to deal with. I at times feel like I am being pulled in a million directions and all I want to do is stay where I am...

But the stress will subside a bit once I get a break from this week at work! No more getting up at 4AM... No more running the halls and serving hundreds of people food every day, no more grumpy coworkers, no more people shouting a million orders at me, no more trying to figure out new reports...

At times working at FedEx makes it very hard to enjoy the moments leading up to Christmas, but it also makes time go by fast. So now I am down to 12 days, and hopefully my little girl will make her apperance before too long.

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  1. You work for FedEx? I'm pretty sure we can't talk anymore... DH works for UPS :)