Thursday, May 13, 2010


A daughter is a gift of love - Author unknown

So I havent really updated on Audrey. I think most of you know her, but there may be a few people who dont see us in real life. We just had our 4 month check-up Audrey was 16lbs 3 oz and 26.25 inches long. She is staying in the 95-97 percentile. She got her vaccinations and had a much better time this time. I gave her tylonol (well store brand) about 30 mins before her shots. I think that helped.
Our pediatrician is a bit... different. He wouldnt put bandaids on her bleeding leg becasue she might choke on them. Hmmm thats weird so I was trying to console a crying baby while holding guaze on both her legs. He told me I shouldn't feed her anything but formula. Anything over 95% is considered obese and she doesnt need food. Well I dont think he is right on that one. Look at her - She does not look obese to me. And she loves her food so I'm not taking it away.
He did call her a bright child though - that was nice to hear. She rolls over both ways, sits in the tripod position, and can grab things. Last night she was sitting only propped on one hand instead of 2. And when on her belly she scooches (is that how you spell it? lol) backwards, but she only does this when she is mad haha. She doesnt really copy my sounds much, but she does "talk" no ba or da but she says ma alot especially when she wants atention and its more like mum mum thats funny.
She goes to daycare with 2 other little girls. They tell me she doesnt fuss alot. There is a really nice worker there who I am becoming friends with. She keeps me updated on Audrey and sometime takes pictures during the day i LOVE that. The one worker said there are too mnay princesses here and not enough ladies in waiting! I thought that was funny and it is true - when Audrey wants something she has ZERO patience.
It's fun being a mom even with all the craziness and the getting up several times a night. I love it and i love her!


  1. And.. I seriously wish I had a doctor telling me my baby was too fat. I would take that as a huge compliment. :-D

    Sigh. Can you tell I am a little sick of seeing my baby's ribs?!

  2. Aw thanks! That avacado will put the pounds on him LOL (hopefully!)