Monday, May 17, 2010

Where's the Beef

In my freezer! Did you see my picture on facebook LOL

So what exactly comes with a quarter cow? I searched and searched and found no info so maybe someone will come across this post and find out. I dont remember exactly but these are the best approximates since I am not home by my freezer

I got
40 lbs of ground beef
5 or 6 5 lb chuck roasts
1 BIG rump roast
8-10 T bone steaks
5-6 Rib Eye steaks
2 portershouse steak
3-4 BIG sirloin steaks
6 huge round steaks
2 pkgs boiling meat
2 pkg short ribs
2 pkgs shank bones
2 pkgs liver (ewww)
and I feel like I am forgetting something but thats alotta beef! LOL

Now on a thats my baby note Audrey slept through the night FINALLY after 8 weeks on not doing so.
she slept 9pm-4am Lets keep our fingers crossed for this to continue!

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  1. We used to get a half of a cow. I miss being able to do so....just not the same in FL as in MI. Anyway, we always told the butcher what cuts we wanted. There were some that we really didn't get a say so in, but for the most part we told him what we wanted and he did the best he could.

    Hope Audrey continues to sleep well!